Luxor Massage Spa

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  60 minutes - $90       90 minutes - $130

Eygptian Feather Touch Massage -   Very Light gentle pressure massage technique, soft tissue, nerve, and skin stimulation. Increase blood and lymph circulation. Relaxes you to the state of bliss. Enhances sleep quality, decreases daily anxiety & stress. 

Pyramid Massage - Combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue technique to relieve tensed and sore muscles, stretch connective tissue,removes adhesion and increase circulation. This technique will relax you from head to toes.  This divine signature massage was design optimize relaxation and relief physical and mental stress from your everyday life. Choose between Medium to Deep Pressure.

Active Sports Massage - designed for Athletes, Runners, Cyclist, Tennis players, and Individuals who work on their feet daily. Focuses on Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Calves and feet. Sugar Foot scrub with Hot towels at the End of your massage.




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