Luxor Massage Spa

Healing Begins Here.


  60 minutes - $90       90 minutes - $130

Deep Tissue - Massage using deep tissue techniques and firm pressure to target specific trigger points, it is a great way to relieve chronic pain and muscle fatigue


Swedish Massage - Relaxes the body, calms the mind, and increases circulation. Swedish massage is a great choice for guests who are massage lovers, and guest who are new to massage.


Egyptian Feather Touch -  Very Light gentle pressure massage technique, soft tissue, nerve, and skin stimulation. Increase blood and lymph circulation. Relaxes you to the state of bliss. Can also give a tickling sensation. Enhances sleep quality, decreases daily anxiety & stress. 



60 minutes - $140          90 minutes - $180

Pyramid Massage - Combination of Swedish and Deep Pressure technique along with hot stones and Floral Aromatherapy Oil. This divine signature massage was design optimize relaxation and relief physical and mental stress from your everyday life.

Luxor Herbal Oil Massage - Full Body of Aromatic Herbal and Aromatherapy Oil Treatment. Relaxing pleasures of Swedish and Eastern Massage Techniques. Rich Purifying, Hydrating Antioxidant benefits. Gentle massage that leaves you feeling pampered from head to Toe. Your choice between 2 blends. Hot Towel Oil Treatment, with Hot Towel Removal

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